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We think the most important aspect of owning a Motorbike is regular servicing and maintenance. If you’re looking for a Motorbike service in Sydney then you have come to the right place. At The Bikesmith we offer ”Excellence in Motorcycle Service”.

A motorbike, when wheeled off the showroom floor as your new pride and joy, has been built by the manufacturer to perform as they designed it. It is now up to you as the owner to keep it in as close a state as possible to the day you bought it. To help you do this the manufacturer has developed a maintenance schedule which if adhered to will give you maximum life and enjoyment from your motorbike.

You, as the proud owner, can do no better than to abide by these service intervals as they have been determined to give you the ability to keep your motorbike operating at its best. Some of the recommendations may seem a bit extreme such as changing brake lines but you have to remember to use these recommendations as a guide. Servicing not only keeps your motorbike functioning properly, it also keeps you safe.

At the Bikesmith we have developed our own service schedules based around that of each manufacturer. All manufacturer checks for each particular service are adhered to and then some.

A comprehensive checklist including:

• Tyre wear and pressure – to keep you upright,
• Brake pads – to stop you,
• Bearings – to keep you rolling,
• Spark plugs – to keep you firing,
• Oils – to keep you slipping,
• Filters – to keep you breathing.

Our comprehensive service is performed by trained experienced technicians in our Sydney Motorbike Shop and when you arrive to pick up your bike you will find it has even had a clean and polish. This is to make sure everything fits back together nicely and is a testament to our high level of quality assurance. A test ride is the final box to be ticked where we ensure all controls are checked and the operation of each machine is proven.

Remember it is cheaper and safer to service an engine than to rebuild it due to poor maintenance.

In addition, we also offer customised services including but not limited to:

• Log Book Servicing
• Engine repairs and performance modifications
• Brake repairs and service
• Accident damage repairs for all insurance companies
• Suspension repairs, modifications and tuning
• Cylinder head servicing and valve adjustment
• Electrical fault diagnosis and repair
• Bearing replacement and maintenance
• Chain and sprocket replacement and adjustment
• Frame straightening
• Engine Tuning
• Aftermarket performance accessory supply and fitment
• Fork rebuilding and servicing
• Tyre supply and fitment including puncture repair