It can be a bloody hard task to find someone you can trust to perform quality motorcycle repairs in Sydney. Sometimes mechanical stuff breaks no matter how good your intentions or how well you may have looked after it. There can be faults in manufacture or maybe your bike fell over and snapped a lever, maybe you were doing a ride day at Eastern Creek and your R1 went bang or your mate seized your YZ125 because he forgot to mix in the two stroke oil. Whatever the reason for your breakdown or need for motorcycle repair we can help you at The Bikesmith.

We cater for all makes and models, we are not a Dealership so are not tied to one particular brand and our technicians hold a wealth of experience only those who work every day on all types of motorcycles can achieve.

We have a wealth of experience covering engine performance modifications, engine repairs from crankshaft bearings to valve reseating, brake repairs and replacement lines, electrical fault diagnosis and repair, fork seal replacement and servicing, bearing replacement, suspension repairs, modifications and tuning, cylinder head servicing and adjustment, aftermarket performance accessory supply and fitment and so on and on and on.

Our workshop in Blacktown, Sydney, has been designed and built with not only functionality in mind but also appearance. With wide windows you can comfortably sit and have a coffee whilst watching The Bikesmith team work their magic on your motorcycle.

A complete stock of consumable spares on hand such as filters and brake pads ensures we can deliver your bike on time. For any advice or information about motorbike repairs Sydney, come into our motorcycle workshop in Blacktown or give us a call today.