Tyre Sales

We stock a range of road and off road tyres

Deciding where to buy Motorcycle tyres in Sydney can be difficult, there are as many choices and varied options as Motorcycles themselves. It is a comprehensive and competitive market with several manufacturers vying for market leadership.

At The Bikesmith, we stock a range of Motorcycle tyres to suit most riders needs for road and off road use as well as suitable tyres for most scooters.

Motorcycle tyres are no longer just round black thing used to keep the rims off the ground. They are an exact science and a simple glimpse at manufacturers websites will tell you that they are all dedicated to the technical improvement of their product, which in the end is good for us. Motorcycle riders need to have confidence that the blisteringly fast bikes of today are shod with rubber that can do the job.

Bikesmith Motorcycle Tyres

It comes down to individual preference and what you feel most comfortable with. Most riders try a variety of tyres before they develop a preference for their specific needs. Our variety ensures that if you have a need for a specific Motorcycle tyre not only will it be available but from your choice of manufacturer.

At The Bikesmith we offer advice and service in relation to most popular brands and stock a comprehensive selection including Pirelli, Dunlop, Michelin, Continental, Avon and Nankang.

You can also enjoy a coffee whilst you watch the team fit your new tyres. In addition to Motorcycle tyres sales and fitment we offer a repair service for those unfortunate enough to have experienced a puncture.