Gambling money

Gambling money

The market value of online gambling reached $53,7 billion in 2019, and it just keeps growing. People all over the world gamble on their computers and phones, playing for real money or for fun. But do they actually get any profit? Or do all the billions go to the casinos’ treasure vaults proving the axiom that all of us know: “The house always wins”?

Is it possible to make money gambling?

There are always two options: you can win or lose. But wait, a 50% chance doesn’t sound that bad! However, casinos are a business, and the main objective of any business is making a profit. If the chances of the House winning weren’t higher than 50%, why would they be running the business?

Yes, people do hit jackpots from time to time. The most promising numbers are $8.82, $9.22, $16.7, $17.2, $23.5 million after some lucky spins on Mega Moolah pokie. Another massive win – $ 13.47 million – a former Guinness world record setter received from Mega Fortune slot. And, of course, the world’s biggest jackpot of more than $23 million won on Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah in 2021.

It all still looks compelling, doesn’t it?

But can you influence this desirable outcome and make Mrs Good Luck drop by your doorstep instead of somebody else’s? Honestly, we doubt that.

If you are dead set on trying your hand at gambling or even making it a career choice, you might consider the following tips.

Set the rules

Gambling money

Treating gambling as an entertainment might be healthier and less stressful than making a living out of it. Your discipline is of crucial importance. You have to create gambling rules for yourself and follow them. The rules must refer to deposit and time limits, conditions to stop. You have to be ready to face losses and still finish gambling at the established time. It’s not going to be easy, but chasing losses can only bring you down emotionally and financially. These rules must be set in stone, otherwise they are moot.

Choose trustworthy platforms

It will ensure fair play. Licensed and certified platforms are obliged to provide the games operated by Random Number Generator and safe payment methods. Many scammers create fake casino websites skillfully just to get your deposits and never pay back. If you don’t see any information about a casino’s license or approval, you, most probably, won’t see the money you’ve deposited either.

Take baby steps

It’s a bad idea to bet all the money or most of it on a single move (spin, roll, hand…). For example, if you have a $100 deposit, don’t play 5 times with the bets of 20. Increase your chances by betting $2 fifty times. Keep this strategy going and don’t go too big, no matter how much you’ve already won.

Take breaks

An online casino will try to make you gamble continuously. With all the special offers and free spins it will soon become hard to stop. But you have to. Making pauses will make you feel that you are the one in control, not the casino. You will have a chance to clear up your mind and make decisions more responsibly.

No alcohol

Don’t drink alcohol while playing. Psychologists have proved that any kind of excitement leads to betting more and risking easily. And we all know how excited alcohol makes us. It’s better to hold off a bottle of champagne until your real win and celebrate the prize after you’ve switched off your computer or mobile device.

Keep a cool head


Always. Always. Always keep a cool head. This is the only chance to win something and not to finish a gambling day flat broke.

Choose the right games and master them

One of the options that might be more advantageous is playing games whose outcomes depend on your skills at least partly. Like Baccarat, Poker, and Blackjack.

Blackjack will probably give you more chances to win as the only skill you have to upgrade to play it well is card counting. Everyone can learn how to do it.

As for poker, you have to be really tedious in the beginning. Study the math of the game and try to master it, learn different strategies, count the odds, memorize opponents’ cards and practice, practice, practice.

The good news here is that players who choose to gamble online usually are less experienced than the opponents you are likely to face at land-based casinos. But of course not all of them are amateurs, so don’t be too smug. Take your time, experience doesn’t come along within a day or two.

And never forget, there are a lot of experienced gamblers out there. One of them might be playing video poker against you next time. Always be prepared.
You have to practice long enough to start depositing real money. Demonstrative mode is a great way to do it, and all the online platforms feature this option nowadays.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even when you are playing a demo game, casinos may encourage you to start depositing money and sometimes display more optimistic odds than they really are.

Be aware of common fallacies

Be aware of common fallacies

Unlike slots at land-based casinos, online pokies use Random Number Generator to determine a random result. Taking into account that RTP (Return to Player Percentage) at online casinos is usually 94% and higher, some people believe that it’s mathematically possible to predict the outcome of the game knowing just these numbers and decipher the random system. As far as the odds of deciphering random algorithms are concerned, it definitely is not an easy thing to do, is it? Especially for an average player.

The others are sure that it is impossible. Period. Their point is that if a program generates random outcomes, it means that everything is random: payouts and intervals. Plus, as RTP is always less than 100%, you are bound to lose more than win.

Besides, if RTP is 90%, it doesn’t mean that from every $100 you spend on a machine, you’ll get 90%. No, it just means that the machine is going to pay out 90% of all the money players have put in it in one year.

Another misleading idea that a lot of gamblers follow is “hot” and “cold” pokies. This misconception is based on the so-called Gambler’s fallacy. It’s a belief that the more you play on one pokie machine, the higher your chances to win are getting. The truth is the odds of winning or losing are always the same and the probability doesn’t change with time.

Gamble responsibly!

Don’t forget that anyone can get in trouble. When it happens, admitting that is the hardest step. There are many anonymous organizations that offer help, don’t hesitate to contact them.

Yes, anyone can get lucky, but the house is more likely to win. So, you have to always be able to face losses, quit or ask for help.

The question “How to make money at the casino” gambling online has no quick answer. We’ve tried to cover the most important points and encourage you to be reasonable.